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Our Process

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financial foundation

When you build a House the most important thing you do is start with a solid foundation. Your "Financial House" should be no different.

This is the first phase, and it could end up being the most important part of your strategy. Here we address risk management and make sure you have adequate protection in place. We will work together to create a solid Financial Foundation that will support the financial goals for you and your family.

structure(d) asset accumulation

In the second phase we focus on structuring the best solutions for building wealth and accumulating assets.

Our team will work together with you to implement a strategy that couples your existing benefits together with sound personal supplemental strategies to meet & exceed your savings & retirement goals.

lifestyle & legacy – “the finish work”

The final phase is the fun part. This is where all the discipline and hard work begin to pay off. You earned the right to slow down a bit; hit that snooze button one more time each morning, take a few more long weekends each month, take two weeks vacation – at once, spend more time with the grandkids, travel, golf, hunt, fish and enjoy more of what matters to you.

All the strategies we have implemented have been leading to this point. We now only need to make a few final adjustments.

? We'll create lifetime sources of retirement income to take care of your required income needs.

? We'll show you how to utilize your assets in a tax efficient manner to create enough discretionary income to do all the "Fun Stuff" you've been dreaming about in retirement.

? Finally, we'll address any Legacy concerns you may have in mind for your loved ones and/or your favorite charities.

Whatever you decide you may want retirement to look like, we will be here to guide you every step of the way.