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Traditional style


Go to College, get a job, work hard for 30-40 years, raise your family and then retire at 65ish years old.


features / benefits:

  • 1. Health/ Disability & Life Insurance
    • • Helps provide Risk Mgmt. and Protection
    • • Usually purchased thru their employer and/or personally
  • 2. Extended Care Strategies
    • • Helps provide Risk & Portfolio protection
    • • Usually purchased thru their employer and/or personally
  • 3. 401k & IRAs
    • • Helps provide Savings & Accumulation
    • • Usually purchased thru their employer
    • • Can be supplemented with personal savings & investments and/or
      Cash Value Life Insurance (CVLI)
      Helps Provide Protection and Tax Diversification *(thru access to the cash value in the life insurance policy, may decrease the death benefit & available cash surrender values.)
  • 4. Social Security (SSi)
    • • Helps provide Fixed Income
    • • SSi is the most common source of fixed income. However, it can be supplemented through deferred or income annuities.
  • 5. Pensions
    • • Most folks don’t have a defined benefit pension anymore. If you are fortunate enough to have one, we can discuss how it fits into your financial house.